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This page is dedicated to the progression and transformations of my clients. With their permission i would like to share with you their stories and their photos. 

I joined Edd 7 months ago. I had gained weight, was eating badly and didn't exercise for at least a year. I had got into a rut that I felt I couldn’t escape. Edd has helped me not only with training, but with healthy eating and mental strength as well. I realised quickly through Edd's guidance that all three are as important as each other.

I've started running again alongside training with Edd. I used to get injury after injury before and noticed straight away that I didn’t have any problems. The strength and core training along with Edd’s advice had stopped all of it. This was enough to spur me on to running my first marathon which is in 6 weeks.

I couldn’t be happier in myself and can’t thanks Edd enough for his help over the last 7 months.

Dan (42) 25/02/2022

Body Transformation

dan 1.jpg


dan 2.jpg


Posture Correction

dan 3.jpg


jo 1.jpg
dan 4.jpg


jo 2.jpg

       Jo's Before and after photos from her posture correction

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