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About Me

At EddCourt PTI LTD we offer a wide range of training online and 1-1.



Personal Training covers a vast amount of elements, depending on your goals and experiences, I have all the latest equipment to help track you and to see your progress 

my training is a learning journey, for you to retain.


I always start with consultation of all clients with a body composition check, this is a base line for me to work from, and build a picture about my client, lifestyle and food diaries are also a part of the consultation 


Once the client is happy to proceed, full measurements and fit test are then carried out . fit test covers strength , core and cardiovascular out put, again results from this will accurately help the process, finally posture check to see if there is any underdiagnosed issues that need correction.



Group training is based with more than one in the studio.

Or boot camp which is out side the studio covering all types of circuit training and timed events 

Training inside the studio is based on couples who like to train together, finding working together helps with confidence and motivations ,

I do recommend couples training or training with a partner as this can gives a good experience if your 1st time 



I have an online platform called MYPTHUB, this is connected to all clients, giving the access to their personal profile, showing all developments of their training journey, this also as an added feature,


I can push workouts directly to clients as well as nutrition plans. There also set packages available to purchase on a monthly description,


this gives the option of either direct 1-1 training or using the packages for structure if you already have the motivation to do it on your own.

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